One of the best ways to develop as a Photographer is to participate in competitions. By doing this you can compare your efforts against fellow members to sharpen your skills and learn how to take better pictures.

Competitions are now being run by club members uploading their images at lease two months prior to the Competition date, to the WACC section of Visual Pursuits

Visual Pursuits

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Monthly Competitions

Our Camera Club runs monthly competitions that alternate between Set Subject and Open Subject, along with othe competitions throughout he year.

  • EDI Colour Image (Advance Photographer & Photographer)
  • EDI Monochrome Image (Advance Photographer & Photographer)
  • Photographic Challenges (where indicated)
  • Audio/Visual Presentations (where indicated)
  • The Paatsch Shield Challenge

July to May we hold monthly competitions, these alternate between Set Subject and Open Subject competitions, with sections for EDI Colour images and EDI Monochrome images (both sections are graded.
A monthly competitions list (including Set Subject definitions) can be obtained at monthly meetings or from this site.

The naming convention for club competitions is as follows:
EDI Colour Image:
EDI Monochrome Image:
Photographic Challenge:
The Paatsch Shield:
[Advance Photographer]
[Advance Photographer]


Use Title Case in your Titles (Capitalize the first letter in each word).

On the left panel you can download the latest Competition Programme, including club info and set subject definitions.

Competition entries can be emailed up to two weeks prior to the closing dates which is the tabled Monthly Meeting date.

Competition Information

Competitions are designed for fun and to learn more about the great art of photography.

  • Digitally manipulated images are currently allowed in all sections.
  • Two or more images may be presented in one image and will be considered as one entry.
  • Keep a record of your entries, dates and titles.
  • Judges are selected from the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS) list of judges and Photographers within the industry. (or judged in-house where required)
  • Judges give written or verbal comments and award a score out of 15 for each entry (that fit the criteria).
  • Entries are viewed at meetings, judge's comments and scores are read out, certificates are presented for first, second and merit positions.
  • Monthly scores are calculated for the Point System and awarded with Annual Awards in June.
  • New members start in Photographer grade unless having professional experience or graded higher by another club.
  • Member grades are reviewed in April; scores from the previous 12 months of monthly competition are averaged. Current Photographer members whose average is above the club average are promoted to Advance Photographer, while current Advance Photographer members lower than club average have the option to transfer to Photographer grade. Members need to have entered 50% of monthly competitions for grading to be altered.
  • In addition to monthly competitions, the club is involved with inter-club competitions organised by Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS).

General Competition Rules

  1. Entries will be accepted from current financial members only.
  2. Members may enter a maximum of two images each month, one in each section.
  3. Each entry is to be marked with the member's competition number and image title along with competition type, each separated with a minus sign (-)(not name). e.g. 43-The Windmill-EDIA.jpg or 43-The Windmill-EDIMA.
    Use Title Case in your Titles (Capitalize the first letter in each word).
  4. EDI entries must be JPEG format only, a maximum of 1920 pixels width and 1080 pixels height @ 300 PPI.
  5. Entries are brought to the meeting on a USB memory stick with only the 2 images intended for the competition. (This is to avoid any confusion collecting the wrong images and reduce the risk virus infestations).
  6. Members are to avoid entering the same image more than once in the same month. (EDI Colour or EDI Monochrome).
  7. All images must be the original photographic work of the entrant. ie: The Entrant holds the copyright. The Image must be based on one or more original images of the photographer. Entries preferably no more than 5 years old)
  8. Monochrome images may have an overall tone/colour added to the processed image.
  9. An entry that has not won a 1st or 2nd placeing, may be resubmitted once. (The Image of the Year is the only exception!) The title must not be changed when re-entering.) (second judge may offer a different comment).
  10. Photographic Challenges (where indicated)
  11. Audio/Visual Presentations (where indicated)
  12. The Competition Secretary reserves the right to refuse any entry that is deemed not to meet the Set Subject criteria or is deemed inappropriate.
  13. All entries shall be submitted to the Competition Secretary at Club meetings two months before the entered competition.

Photographic Challengers

These competitions are designed to encourage members to get out and used their equipment in a learning manner with a set-subject, while trying out and learning to understand photographic techniques with their cameras.
These images must be taken within a timeframe and theme of a one month duration between designated monthly meetings.

Annual Awards

Information and Rules for the Image of the Year Competition which is held for the June monthly meeting, with trophies awarded for the best images.
Photographic work is submitted showing the great works from the year.

  • Image of the Year Competition is an Open Subject competition.
  • All entries must have been entered in WACC monthly competitions (July to April of the competition year).
  • Entries must have not been entered in any previous WACC end of competition year competitions.
  • Entries must be submitted at the April meeting.
  • A judge is selected to critique the Image of the Year Competition.
  • First, second and third place winners are awarded in each of the two sections: EDI Colour image (Advance Photographer & Photographer) & EDI Monochrome image (Advance Photographer & Photographer)

Points System

The Points System results are announced and awards are presented at the Annual Awards in June.

  • Points are given for monthly competition entries. Entries that receive a first, second or merit are given additional points.
  • Points from July to May of the competition year are totalled.
  • Aggregate points from July to May of the competition year are totalled.
  • Each of the two sections will have a first and second place winner: EDI Colour Image (Advance Photographer & Photographer), EDI Monochrome Image (Advance Photographer & Photographer).

Trophies and Awards

These awards are presented at the June meeting Image of the Year awards night.

J&J Dallinger Memorial Trophy

The Dallinger Family of Albury select the winner for this Trophy from the Print/EDI of the Year Competition winning entries.

David Tilley Memorial Trophy

This trophy is awarded for the "Most Creative Photograph" selected from the April competition entries.

Pelican Award

This trophy is awarded for the "Best Nature Image" selected from the May Competition and the trophy is presented at the Image of the Year Awards meeting in June. Entries must depict creatures in the wild (not your pet) or natural scene (landscape or seascape).

Audio/Visual Award

This trophy is awarded for the "Best Audio/Visual Presentation (AV)" selected from the Annual Competition and the trophy is presented at the Image of the Year Awards meeting in June.

The Paatsch Challenge Shield

Is a shield that the Wodonga / Albury Camera Club and the Benalla Camera Club compete for annually. It consist of the best 12 photos from each club taken on a nominated outing and submitted for VAPS judging and the club with the most points scored, results in taking procession of the shield for 12 months. There are also Merit Certificates along with an award for the photographer with the top scoring (Best) image.

Download a copy of the Rules

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