The Committee

According to the club constitution the committee can consist of the following members:
President, Vice-Presidents (Senior & Junior), Secretary, Treasurer,
'The Immediate Past President of the Association' (where practical) and ordinary Members.

Mission Statement

The Current Committee

Office Bearers

Assistant Secretary
Competition Secretary
David Woolcock
Mark Slater
Neville Bartlett
Pam Milliken
Gary Pearce
Brian Paatsch

General Committee

David Willis
Louise Peacock
Helen Bishop
Yvonne Schnelle
Marion Jacob
Judy Hofmeyer
David Skinner

Support Positions

Assistant Competition Secretary
Optic Nerve Editor

David Willis
Vicki Cain

Club Mentors

Malcolm Godde
Paul Temple
Mark Slater
Neville Bartlett

David Willis
David Woolcock
Louis Peacock

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